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For services received after
April 1, 2017

We have numbered the important sections of a sample MedSPAR billing statement below. Please read the corresponding descriptions to better understand your own statement.

Billing Statement (Services After April 1, 2017)
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  1. Provider Information. The name of the provider rendering medical services.
  2. Payment Options. This section gives our options for making a payment. We accept Master Card, VISA, and Discover. You can also complete the amount paid and mail in a check in the envelope provided. Online payments are processed at or
  3. Name and Address of Responsible Party. You may update your address in the space provided to the right of this section and return to MedSPAR in the envelope provided.
  4. Guarantor Number. Your unique identification number. Please use this number when making an online payment, or when writing or calling our office.
  5. Visit Information. Account details including dates of service and description of services.
  6. Charges, Payments, and Adjustments. Summary of charges, and any payments, including personal and insurance payments and adjustments, leaving the amount due.
  7. Current Balance. The total patient balance due.
  8. Payment Plan Amount Due. Your monthly installment due on a prior established payment plan.
  9. Balance Due Not On a Payment Plan. To inquire about adding this balance due to an installment payment plan, please contact MedSPAR.
  10. Amount Due Now. Your payment plan amount due plus any balance due not currently included in a payment plan.
  11. Important Information. This section contains messages about how to make payments and includes provider contact information.

*The reverse side of your MedSPAR billing statement includes a section for updating your insurance information. It also provides important information on your medical provider's financial assistance program.