Payment Options

Although your account balance is due and payable in full upon receipt of your initial statement, interest free installment payment options are available.

If you would like to discuss a budget plan, see Contact Us for our toll free number or mailing address. Payments may be made by check or money order, or by cash if presented to your health care provider or our office. Never send cash through the mail. You may also pay by credit card online, or by filling out the information on the top portion of your statement and mailing it to our office. 

In general, budget plans are subject to the following guidelines:

  • All payments must be the same amount.
  • All payments will be applied first to the oldest date of service, without exception.
  • Smaller balances must be paid off in shorter time frames.
  • We are unable to combine accounts from different providers into a single budget plan.
  • Late payments, or payments for less than the agreed amount will put the budget plan in default, and we will send only one notice of default.

Make a Payment Online - It's fast, easy and secure.