If your health care provider participates with your insurance carrier, or you have assigned your insurance benefits to your provider, you will normally not receive a MedSPAR statement until your provider has received payment from your carrier. Hospitals will normally wait up to 60 days for all insurance payments before billing you for any balances remaining. However it could take three months or longer before you receive your first statement, depending on how long it takes your insurance to process claims, especially if you have more than one coverage.

If your account is covered by Medicaid or other insurance that has not been billed, you should complete the back of your MedSPAR statement and mail it to us. Don’t forget to include the dates of coverage, including the expiration date of any old insurance, or the date on which any new coverage became effective. You may also send us any Explanation of Benefit forms or insurance vouchers. We will send your information on to your provider for any additional insurance billing. See Contact Us for our mailing address.

If your insurance carrier is not paying on claims properly, you should contact the New York State Department of Financial Services or the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. You may also contact any of the following for assistance and information: